Meet Sallyann

Sallyann Mead is a highly respected counselor in her church and community who has personally experienced redemption through God’s grace and mercy and believes that those who come to understand the reality and availability of this mercy can break through any lie or discouragement.  This lesson learned is what fuels her passion to help people move from brokenness to healing and hope. She offers an empathetic, supportive environment that encourages clients to identify therapeutic goals. Through speaking relevant truth, she leads them to an increase of faith and the courage to walk victoriously through challenging circumstances.

She graduated from Pillar College and earned a Bachelor's in Psychology & Counseling with a concentration in Marriage and Family. She then went on to complete a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling at Cairn University.  She is an Ordained Minister of Pillar of Fire International and is practicing Pastoral Counseling through New Mercies Counseling LLC in Somerset, NJ.

Along with many other Christian counselors, Sallyann has chosen not to pursue New Jersey State Licensing because her desire to maintain the ability to speak biblical truth is more important than the advantages of being recognized by the state. New Mercies Counseling maintains that the authority on truth is Scripture alone, not whatever arbitrary standards the state and secular professional organizations may choose to enact. For this reason she maintains an ordination as a Christian Minister, allowing her to serve as a pastoral counselor.  Because of this, New Mercies Counseling is unable to accept health insurance as payment for service which is why Sallyann has made a sincere effort to keep fees as close to Insurance Co-pays as possible.

She is partnered with several local Christian churches, caring for children through adults in individual, couple, and family sessions and has a strong reputation for effective and restorative marriage counseling.

She is a blessed wife, mother, and grandmother.